Are you an adult who wants a straighter smile but doesn’t know where to start? Have you heard about invisible aligners?

At Chelsea and Fulham, we can offer all of our adult patients a range of orthodontic treatments; everything from standard metal braces to Invisalign Fulham are available at our surgery. Overseeing your care, we will ensure that the orthodontic tool we choose for you is the one that has the highest chance of correcting your smile in the shortest time, allowing you to enjoy the smile you have always wanted for longer. Perfect!

So, what are some of the most pervasive myths that you will likely read about Invisalign Fulham? Read on to find out the truths behind each of them below.

Myth 1- You cannot treat complex cases with invisible aligners

When Invisalign Fulham first became available to patients, it was indeed a simpler aligner that could not treat more complicated cases.

However, as the technology has progressed, more kinds of alignments have become easier to treat with invisible aligners, and so, our team can now realign teeth that in years gone by would have needed a fitted brace to correct.

As always, to be sure that you will be able to benefit from treatment with this aligner, please talk to our team.

Myth 2- The treatment time is shorter than traditional options

For some people (in fact most people) who undertake invisible aligners, this is true. After all, the average treatment time for use with these aligners is 3-6 months.

However, as mentioned earlier, if you have a more complex case of dental misalignment, the process may take slightly longer. But to obtain a more precise idea of how long your treatment with invisible aligners will take, you will need to attend a consultation with our team.

So, call today!

Myth 3- The process is painless

We sincerely wish we could say that, as a dental team, we have come up with a way to move your teeth without any form of discomfort.

However, we cannot guarantee this, even with invisible aligners!

Myth 4- The aligners are too expensive for most people to afford

Invisible aligners may be more affordable than you think.

When you come to our team at Chelsea and Fulham, we know that money doesn’t grow on trees and so, we can offer our suitable patients’ interest-free payment plans that will break down the overall cost of the aligner.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, talk to our team about this today!

Myth 5- Aligners from the internet are just as good

OK, when it comes to buying glasses online or from an optician, which one do you think is more likely to solve your astigmatism?

In much the same way, while aligners bought online may seem that they can solve all of your orthodontic woes, they can be more problematic. And as they do not come with appointments that can help to identify issues, there is an even higher chance of things going wrong.

So, no, when comparing the 2, it is always better to go with the aligner that our team can provide you with!