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Nervous Patients

At Chelsea & Fulham Dentist, we aim to make your visit a positive experience, to treat you as an individual and listen to your concerns. To us, you are not just another patient.

We will talk you through your treatment, putting you in control, and tailor your treatment to your needs while working with you at your own pace.Dental Phobia


We encourage you to come and meet us even before making an appointment and are more than happy for you to talk to our team before committing. Our entire team is trained in putting people at ease through gentle care and good communication.

Dr Imran Sayed and Dahlia Sunba had comprehensive training at the prestigious Guys Dental Hospital at the special care unit where they successfully treated the most severely anxious and dental phobic patients. We are one a handful of dental phobia certified practice across the UK and have devoted our efforts to ensure patients have a relaxing time here!

To help, we have creating a beautiful warm practice, with choice of music and movie to watch during treatment. We also have latest equipment in ensuring treatment is as painless as possible – using for instance The Wand – a pen like device that gets you numb as comfortably as you can imagine. We have also invested in the latest in digital dental scanner so we don’t have to take uncomfortable moulds of your mouth and teeth in certain procedures.

If you are still extremely anxious we can treat you with various sedation techniques in certain procedures. This is a very straightforward procedure, which allows you to obtain the treatment you want in comfort with no anxiety. This will be discussed in further detail at your consultation.

Dr Imran is a Dental Phobia Certified dentist Click Here to verify.

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