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Mouthguards & night guards

Occasionally, patients might need some support and comfort when doing physical exercise and children may require the same protection during certain types of sports.

A mouthguard can prevent serious injuries such as concussions, incidents of unconsciousness, jaw fractures and neck injuries by helping to avoid damage to jaw joints. Mouthguards are also designed to move the soft tissue in the oral cavity away from the hard teeth, preventing laceration and bruising of the lips and cheeks.

At Chelsea and Fulham Dentist, we make bespoke mouth guards using our award winning laboratory. These custom made flexible appliances are made out of a special plastic that is worn in athletic activities to protect teeth from trauma. We can create mouth guards to match the colours of your favourite sports team, using specialised dual and triple layered guards for the best in protecting your teeth…so you can simply concentrate on doing your best!

It is common for us to find patients grinding or clenching their teeth, usually at night time. Teeth also become chipped and worn commonly by dietary erosion, teeth clenching, and trauma. Sometimes there can be an underlying medical condition that also causes it.

As a result, these teeth become unsightly and sometimes lose functionality. Left untreated they can cause more serious problems with the health of the teeth, ultimately resulting in loss of vitality and sometimes even loss of the tooth.

To protect the teeth, we also create bespoke nightguard appliances called SCI or Sleep Clench Inhibitors (previously known as NTI-tss) 

The SCi+ is the most clinically effective FDA approved treatment for patients with TMD, bruxism, and medically diagnosed migraines that affects a large percentage of the population. In your mouth you may notice:

  • Damage to your smile
  • Increased wear of fillings and teeth
  • Damage to veneers and crowns
  • Failure of dental implants
  • Headaches
  • Jaw and neck pain
  • Increased facial muscle around the jaw

Many people clench and/or grind their teeth at night whilst asleep and do not even realise it! This is due to a tensing of the jaw muscles bringing the upper and lower teeth under immense pressure. Not only does this cause damage to your teeth but is often the cause of headaches, jaw and neck pain

How do I know if I clench my teeth?

  • Do you get head aches or jaw / neck pain especially in the morning?
  • Have you noticed that your teeth are wearing?
  • Have you had damage to dental restorations e.g. crowns or fillings for no apparent reason?
  • Are your temples or jaw muscles tender?
  • Do you experience discomfort whilst chewing?
  • Does your jaw make a clicking sound?