If you are wondering if our team here, at Chelsea and Fulham Dentist, can help you with straightening your teeth, then the answer is yes! We are proud to offer Invisalign in Chelsea to our patients as it is a discreet yet effective way to straighten your smile.

What is Invisalign?

The Invisalign in Chelsea treatment is continually growing in popularity, and this is due to the use of thin and clear plastic aligners that gently move your teeth over time. They are removable, which means no food restrictions, and there are no invasive surgeries involved.

Our process

When you get the Invisalign treatment with us, we can divide everything into a simple 5-step process. We will make you feel as comfortable as possible throughout the whole process and do everything we can to give you the results you are looking for.

Step 1

The first step of our Invisalign in Chelsea process is the consultation appointment, which allows us to get to know you and what you want to get out of the treatment. We will also take some 3D scans of your teeth to get an accurate image of them for the fabrication process of your aligners.

Step 2

After your consultation, we will carry out a full dental health review to make sure that you are eligible for the treatment and that it can be done safely. This is important as we will have to avoid providing you with the aligners if they will not cater to your dental needs since this could create further problems and be an unnecessary cost.

Step 3

The third step is when we will provide you with your custom aligners. This is a great time for us to show you how everything works and answer any more questions you may have about the process.

Step 4

During the time that you have your aligners, you will only need to visit us once every 4-6 weeks so that we can check up on your progress and ensure that everything is going as it should. We may also provide you with more aligners if needed.

Step 5

The final part of our process is providing you with your bespoke retainers, which will help to keep your teeth in their new, straighter position. We highly recommend that you wear the retainers because sometimes your teeth can revert to their original position if no pressure is applied to them.

What are the benefits?

Many things make this treatment so popular and one of them is the ease of the whole process. As mentioned above, there are no invasive surgeries involved, and you can change between the different aligners in the comfort of your own home, which is always helpful when you’ve got a busy schedule.

One of the main advantages that our patients love about the Invisalign treatment is the discreet look of the aligners when they are being worn. Due to them being custom-made for your teeth, and the use of clear, thin plastic, the aligners can fit around your teeth very well and blend in to become barely visible.