Over 50% of the adult population here in the UK feel a sense of anxiety whilst visiting the dentist and 70% of the population admit to suffering from a certain degree of dental phobia. This can result in a reluctance to visit the dentist on a regular basis and almost a third of the population admit to only visiting the dentist when they have a problem. It is important to visit the dentist Fulham on a regular basis to make sure that your teeth are clean and healthy and that your gums are strong and free of disease. It is recommended that you visit the dentist at least once every six months and more frequently if you are prone to dental issues.

If you suffer from dental anxiety or dental phobia it is important that you speak to our dentist Fulham to help deal with your fears. Here at Chelsea and Fulham Dentist we are certified to help you address your dental anxiety and dental phobia. With over 250 5-star google ratings our kind and caring team will provide professional yet friendly advice to help deal with your issues. Your dental health is our priority and our dentist Fulham will help you feel comfortable and at ease. You can visit us in person before you book an appointment to familiarise yourself with our wonderful team and excellent surroundings. Here at our practice we have plenty of strategies in place to help you calm your nerves and relax for a positive experience. We also have advanced technology which ensures minimal discomfort and we can also offer sedation techniques when necessary. Speak to our dentist today to find out more about how you can deal with your dental anxiety or phobia and address your dental needs in comfort.

The importance of regular visits to your dentist and hygienist in Fulham

Visiting the dentist on a regular basis helps make sure that your teeth and gums are clean and healthy. It also helps make sure that any dental issues are detected earlier on so that they can be treated effectively and successfully, before they are able to cause further complications to surrounding teeth and gums. Our dentist also recommends that you visit the hygienist at least twice a year to remove excess plaque and tartar from your teeth to prevent dental complications.

Plaque and tartar are the main cause of an array of dental issues and have a detrimental impact on both the appearance of your smile and the health of your teeth. If you have been avoiding the dentist for a long period of time, either due to dental anxiety or a phobia, then you may have significant levels of plaque and tartar on your teeth and gums which will require a professional scale and polish to remove. You can speak to our dentist about sedation techniques if you are nervous about visiting the hygienist, however once you address your fears you will find that following a visit with our hygienist here your teeth will not only appear cleaner, whiter and brighter, but it will also help promote better oral health at the same time.