Disney movies… the stuff that childhoods are made of.

There’s very little that can compete with the anticipation as the Walt Disney logo, with its enchanted castle and iconic music, scroll across the screen. My inner child is squealing as I type (and also slightly miffed that I chose dentistry, instead of Princess, as a career).

Truth be told, I would have made a rubbish Disney princess, simply on the basis that until 2010, I thought Disney was spelt Disnep. I’ll just leave that there.

To me that ‘y’ looked like a silent ‘p’ (take a look for yourself). The only reason I was corrected, at the ripe old age of 26, was because I was texting all my friends and family whilst visiting ‘Disnep Land California’.

It’s funny how things we are told, or believe, when we are younger can stay with us throughout life and effect the way we interpret things. This is no truer than with dentistry.

As children, we are often lead to think that dentistry must be painful. We automatically associate getting older with failing teeth and dentures sitting in a glass on the bedside table. And tooth extractions always involve a foot on the patients chest.

As dentists, we face a daily struggle trying to educate and provide experiences that squash these myths and pre-prejudice. It’s not easy. Neither is getting your foot on a patients chest whilst removing a tooth – I wish I was that flexible!

We want you to rest assured that these, along with hundreds of other dental myths, are about as correct as spelling Disney with a silent ‘p’, so please don’t let it stop you visiting!

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