A core part of a healthy smile are perfectly aligned teeth. At Chelsea and Fulham Dentist we offer modern orthodontic treatments including Invisalign in Chelsea to achieve orthodontic goals such as straightening teeth, closing gaps and improving bite function. There is more to smile about than just a pleasing smile when investing in Orthodontic treatment. Straightening teeth also works towards healthier teeth and gums as oral hygiene is made simpler and easier when teeth are in proper alignment.

With the many orthodontic devices available to patients, Invisalign in Chelsea has earned its hard-won spot at the top of patients’ lists. This clear aligner-like teeth-correcting system opens up a new way for patients to fix orthodontic concerns and which also counteracts many of the common complaints of old-style braces. We take a closer look at the rewards of opting for Invisalign in Chelsea.

Why orthodontic patients choose removable clear aligners

  • The offer of comfort and convenience

Adult patients in particular are more likely to prefer an orthodontic solution that fits in with their lifestyle. This may be the reason why the removable, clear tray-based braces have been catapulted into mainstream use – they are found to be relatively more comfortable and kinder to teeth and gums. Also the removable tray-based system does not require the level of personal sacrifices as conventional appliances do.

Patients spend less time attending dental appointments and their oral hygiene routine is made less complicated than it would be keeping food and bacteria out of a wires-and-brackets based braces.

  • The offer of a virtually invisible teeth correcting system

Again, it is adult and teenage patients who place a high priority on discreet-looking orthodontic devices. Adult patients, especially those in people-facing and high profile jobs, are put off from orthodontic treatment due to the awkwardness of having their treatment witnessed on a daily basis with highly visible orthodontic devices. The much welcomed fact about Invisalign is that the trays are made from barely-noticeable clear plastic material. It may escape many people’s notice that a patient is wearing teeth-straightening aligners.

  • The offer of a more inclusive diet

Another turn off for patients about conventional orthodontic treatment plans is having to go without their favourite foods for months on end. Hard and sticky foods are a no-go for patients using wires-and-brackets braces because these types of foods are more likely to damage or break the metal components. Invisalign turns around this challenge by offering the removable feature in its design. Patients are generally not asked to make food sacrifices as they are allowed to remove the orthodontic device from teeth before eating and put them back on once they have completed eating.

  • The offer of improved oral health

Teeth and gum health is better protected when the mouth is easier to keep clean. Next to a professional cleaning procedure at the dentist, daily brushing and flossing at home is important to eliminate trapped food from in between teeth.

Whatever your orthodontic goals are, our competent and caring dental practitioner at Chelsea and Fulham Dentist will help you find the most suitable treatment plan to give you the results you are after!