April 1st, April fools.

Mark Twain famously said April 1st was the day upon which we are reminded of what we are on the other three hundred and sixty-four.

I don’t think anyone has played an April fools joke on me yet, as we currently sit perched on the front row on the edges of our seats premiering a coronavirus nightmare .

Im still waiting for someone to jump out and say ‘April fools’. Nightmare over.

Unprecedented times.

In my first week of lockdown, answering calls from worried patients, some in pain, some not so, some just wanting someone to speak to,.

I have been struggling to come to terms with being unable to serve our existing patients, the immediate community and beyond. All dental practices have been ordered to cease face to face treatments, which, for a dentist, means we have to close. We are still helping and I am pleased to have offered some solace to patients at this most testing of times. Even if I haven’t been able to get my drill out.

During this period , I will try my best to be at the end of every phone call and email that gets in our path:
Dental emergencies
Gum problems
Invisalign treatments for current and new patients.
• How to stay on top of your oral health
• Any thing else!

Call us. We can help. We are pleased to say we are soon launching our online video consult. I am also pleased to say that I will add as many articles during lockdown to ‘do my bit’ for you all – and give my poor wife a rest.

Happy April Fools. Make me a fool for the rest of the year, Mr Twain I’ll take it.

Stay safe, stay home.

Missing you all,