Recently, I have been researching into the power of positive thinking.

However, I feel any personal progress has been clouded over (literally) by the ridiculous amount of rainfall and grey skies, so much so I have actually Googled ‘places to live with minimal rainfall’, swiftly followed by ‘plane ticket prices to Algeria’.

However, I have noticed, over the past decade or so of dentistry, that things always get a little quiet around practices at the first signs of spring. Last week when the sun dared bare it’s beautiful face upon us, we had an unnatural number ‘family emergencies’.

And who can blame people for wanting to top up their vitamin D supplies at the first (and possibly last) opportunity!

So, in the spirit of positive spin, I say make hay whilst the sun refuses to shine!

There is a silver lining to each cloud, (even though, with the number of clouds at the moment, that lining feels more like a never-ending thread, strangling our creativity!). It really is the most popular time to visit the dentist when it’s miserable outside apparently!

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