Having dentures fitted is a great way to restore your smile and allows you to have a more stable and precise bite in the process.

However, despite their amazing qualities, many wearers of dentures are worried about issues that can arise with these prosthetic teeth; many dentures, despite accurate fittings, are prone to moving, which can cause insecurity for the person wearing them. Similarly, as the gum line is not designed for excess friction, moving dentures are likely to rub against the gum line, causing pressure sores and even ulcers.

Luckily, there is a solution; at Chelsea and Fulham, our implant specialists are now able to offer our patients dental implants in Fulham. These allow wearers a more secure fit with their dentures and eliminates the need for additional purchases, like denture glues or gels.

Here, our team has listed the top 5 advantages of having an upgrade from regular dentures to a full set of dental implants in Fulham and we hope you will agree, it is well worth considering for better long-term oral health. Enjoy!

Improved comfort

As previously mentioned, dentures can be quite troublesome.

Even if they are well fitted, they can rub against your gum line, which can cause painful sores and can lead to infections and ulcers. Hardly fun!

An advantage of having dental implants in Fulham is that once fitted, there will be no discomfort. You will not have to hold unusual facial expressions holding loose dentures in place, so your facial muscles can relax! Great stuff!

Normal chewing and improved taste

Dental glues can alter the taste of food, meaning that with each bite, you will inevitably get an aftertaste of the glue.

As implants are attached to your jaw, there is no need for glues and along with an improved taste, you will also develop normal chewing habits again, allowing for easier and better digestion of food.

Jawbone regrowth

When you lose teeth, your jawbone shrinks back and can cause a change to your facial shape and appearance. Wrinkles can form around your mouth and can even cause your mouth to point downwards when at rest; not a great look.

Implants encourage jawbone regrowth, which can minimise the appearance of these wrinkles and allow a more neutral resting facial expression.

Enhanced appearance

When you choose dental implants, our dentists will take accurate measurements of your mouth and calculate an appropriate size for your prosthetic teeth.

As a result, your new smile will have a more enhanced and natural appearance; no one will know that you are wearing prosthetic teeth!

Better quality of life

One of the main advantages reported by those who have had implants fitted is that their confidence improves.

Implant wearers note being able to eat whichever foods they want without worry, they can smile without concern of their teeth moving and most importantly, they have a new smile they are proud to show off.

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