To keep you looking youthful and your best self, Chelsea and Fulham Dentist offers top quality and safe treatments in Botox in Chelsea. This common and highly popular facial rejuvenation treatment inhibits muscle movement that results in an undesirable aged appearance.

In addition to improving the visual appearance of skin, Botox in Chelsea can also be efficaciously used to treat certain medical conditions caused by misfiring neurons. Botox in Chelsea works to deliver physical and psychological benefits by ‘freezing’ muscle activity in the short term. Botox in Chelsea is essentially a purified protein that is administered through a syringe into a targeted muscle group to hinder the transmission of signals from the brain to muscles. This is done to cause this specific set of muscles to temporarily relax and bring about a smoothened out skin appearance.

Even though the treatment has been in the mainstream and uses a facial injectable product for quite some time, there is still much information that can be useful for patients to know. We answer some of the most pressing questions patients would like answered about Botox in Chelsea.

Questions about Botox answered

  • What role does relaxing muscles play in facial aesthetics?

An aged look is a topmost concern for many patients who are aware of the multiple rewards of maintaining a youthful appearance. Injectable treatments are a tried and tested means to reducing frustrating fine facial lines.

  • On which areas of the body can the product be used?

Patients can receive the injection to address a number of issues that point to an aging appearance. On the face this would include wrinkles and fine lines around the eye area and drooping brows.

  • What other purposes can Botox injections be used for?

The treatment is used for numerous other applications in addition to its primary used in enhancing facial aesthetics. Other uses include treating excessive sweating (underarms, hands and feet), stop eye-twitching, managing migraine pain, relaxing muscles in patients suffering from Bell’s Palsy and treating an overactive bladder.

  • How does Botox benefit self-esteem?

Receiving facial injectable treatment helps patients gain the confidence they would otherwise not have to interact with others. Patients are happier showing off a more youthful appearance, not having to endure migraine pain makes them more willing to keep to their social commitments and not being embarrassed by excessive sweating removes the stumbling block standing in the way of embracing professional and social opportunities.

  • How do I get started with Botox?

At our dental practice we favour a safe and effective approach to all of our treatments across the dental service menu as well as our facial rejuvenation procedures. To this end we encourage all patients to come in for a consultation so that we can discuss patient goals, needs, concerns and treatment pretences. It is also useful for us to know about a patient’s medical history.

While there are many providers of facial rejuvenation treatments in the non-surgical cosmetics market, more and more patients are waking up to the fact that a dental practitioner is best placed with the exact set of required credentials – qualifications, skills and experience – to offer a higher quality, results-focused treatment experience. Our dentist at Chelsea and Fulham Dentist has achieved sterling results in administering facial injectable treatments.