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We make a habit of asking our new registrants how they heard about Chelsea and Fulham Dentist. Very often, people say they have Google searched something like ‘best dentist London’ or ‘best dentist near me’ and our name has appeared at the top of their search. I don’t pretend to understand how Google works this out, but I am confident that it has something to do with our wonderful patients that have been kind enough to leave us over 200 positive Google reviews.

Unfortunately, during the initial part of this pandemic, Google had suspended the ability for customers to leave any reviews. Though many of our lovely patients wanted to leave kind words of how we have helped during these strange times and beyond, they were unable to do so.

This temporary suspension of Google review services has now come to an end and it is more important than ever to support your local businesses, including Chelsea and Fulham Dentist. Until we get the green light to resume services, it is now more important than ever to show us (and many of our equally deserving local small businesses) some love.

If you were already concerned by the state of store closures on Fulham Road, (as many were) there are some things you can do during pseudo lock down to help….

We have already mentioned that leaving a positive Google review will help. You can also extend this to Facebook and Instagram and ‘tag’ or repost local business content. Now that there is a healthy majority of people conducting their lives virtually, this is easier than ever to do!

Try to shop locally, both on and offline. Local businesses are trying to adapt their services to suit the current need. So, your local coffee shop may now also be masquerading as your newest grocery store…. And it may even deliver! It’s worth checking if your favourite pre-Covid hangouts are offering any new services that you can support to help ensure they are still there once this is all over.

Most people have either celebrated, or know someone who has celebrated, a birthday or special occasion during lockdown. What better time than now to send gift cards. This will also help a business with cash flow and help a friend to feel special. Win, win, win!

Try and avoid cancellations and refunds where possible. By choosing to postpone services, instead of demanding your money back, this can literally help a business stay afloat. Yes, you have consumer rights, but just remember that you want this business to survive so that you can enjoy all their lovely services!!!

So, why not make time to help out a local business that you have come to love and rely upon… especially if it is ours!