When it comes to keeping your face and skin looking younger, you may be glad to learn that you can achieve and maintain a youthful appearance without having to undergo surgery.

Non-surgical techniques are nothing new in cosmetic care and procedures such as dermal fillers have been around for decades. However, what is rather recent in relation to facial aesthetics is the ability for dental practitioners to be able to offer them to patients.

But this higher level of clinical care has not helped the reputation of many aesthetic procedures; some people are still certain that a simple injection can cause your face to look frozen or render you with a permanent ‘stunned’ look. In this article, our team at the Chelsea and Fulham dentist will debunk these myths, and provide you with the facts behind facial aesthetics.

Because at Chelsea and Fulham, we are proud to be able to offer our patients facial aesthetics, such as Botox in Fulham. We are trained in the precise application of such delicate procedures and will seek to ensure that you are nothing less than ecstatic with the final results.

So, are there any myths surrounding Botox in Fulham? Yes, there are, so read on to find out the truth behind them.

The injections hurt

It is true that when you are injected with Botox in Fulham, there may be a slight feeling of pressure and a minor amount of soreness but it should not hurt!

If you are worried about the needles causing discomfort, our team can happily apply a topical numbing agent to the injection site while they are applied.

They are dangerous

Some people worry that injecting chemicals into your face will cause allergic reactions.

When it comes to this procedure, it is totally safe and the product being injected is a naturally derived toxin. However, if during or after the injections you notice abnormal soreness, alert our team immediately.

Your face will look frozen

We have all seen celebrities who have had this procedure done under the care of a poor aesthetic practitioner, resulting in a ‘frozen’ look.

When applied correctly and with precision, your face will not look frozen and will simply look smoother and more youthful. Remember, our dental team knows all about the muscles and nerve endings in your face and will know exactly where to apply the injections to give you the finished look you want.

The effects will last a lifetime

Depending on where you are having them injected (e.g. around the eyes or the chin), the longevity of the injections will differ.

Typically, you can expect the effects to last between 4-6 months, with other factors like your age, lifestyle choices and aftercare altering this either positively or negatively.

The finished results look unnatural

Once again, our team knows where and how to apply these injections in the facial tissue, so the finished look will allow your skin to glow and for you to look naturally younger in as little as 2 days!