I could be a professional procrastinator. Writing this blog is a perfect example as I sit and stare at 3 cups of empty tea and have an urgent need to answer my emails and clean all my cupboards.

But it seems I’m not the only one who could be an Olympian procrastinator gold medallist. Many clients we see at the practice will disappear for weeks, months, or even years before they return to get their teeth straightened, whitened, or made over.

Just yesterday, a patient that had fallen off the radar some years ago, decided, completely unprompted, to make a full upfront payment for Invisalign treatment. I got the sense that this was the only way to conclude his own cycle of procrastination.

As with any cosmetic treatments, financial investments and important decisions, I cannot stress that taking the time to consider your options is absolutely imperative. Once we have made our decisions though, we can sometimes take that extra time before committing.

Decision making is rarely just based on one specific factor like time or money. Most decisions are multifactorial, and in the end, exactly when you decide to buy that brace, get that dream car, or book that holiday, will be exactly the right time for you. No sooner and no later.

So reading this through, I can actually conclude that though procrastination is labelled the ‘theif of time’, if could actually be thought of as the ‘pause before true commitment’. If you need that extra time and space before making your next move, take it and embrace it.

Equally, if you know (and you know when you know) that you want to fully embrace your next big decision, then procrastination can be a sneaky thief – watch out for it and just do what you need to get done!

On that note, I believe I am finally done.

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