You only have to walk down Putney High Street, Fulham Road or King’s Road and the surrounding areas to see how many new, and existing dental clinics are co-habiting. I often wonder how people chose a dental practice in Fulham, Putney or any London area, when there is such a huge choice to pick from. So, to help you decide whether Chelsea and Fulham Dentist is the clinic for you, I wanted to highlight some of our ‘best bits’.

We offer so much more than just dentistry! Over the past 5 years since establishing our dental clinic in our cosy corner of Parsons Green, we have expanded our treatment services to help meet your needs. We offer dental implants, cosmetic orthodontics, facial treatments – the whole 9 yards near your back yard!


We are a family run and owned practice. Amongst the multitude of benefits, this means you get a warm welcome, we hand pick (only the best) staff, and we know we are going to be around for many years to come, so our aim is to have happy, loyal customers who enjoy coming to see us, some of whom we have come to think of as family

General dentistry remains our bread and butter, but we are passionate about dentist lead, non-surgical facial treatments. Dr Alexandra Day is an experienced facial aesthetics clinician that can deliver amazing facial sculpting and antiaging treatments. She is also a ZO Skin Health Expert and can give advice on medical grade products that you can purchase from the clinic. Dr Alexandra offers complimentary facial consults to help you decide on the best treatments for you!

We offer evening appointments, because we know how terribly busy you all are.

We try our best to accommodate emergencies. The team have powered through many a lunch hour, and stayed after hours, in the name of saving and magically restoring teeth!

We have an award-winning team. We don’t make enough of a fuss over our talented clinicians. Dr Shiraz Khan has won Best Young Dentist 2017 and then went on to win again at the Aesthetic Dentistry Awards.


We offer complimentary teeth straightening and facial consultations. They say nothing is free in this life, I would beg to differ. We know how difficult it can be to choose a cosmetic clinician. As part of your research into Invisalign treatment or Botox and fillers we would encourage you to come for a no-obligation chat. IT’S FREE!

We think we are the best dental practice in Fulham, maybe even London, maybe even world! We would love a chance to see if you agree! Why not book a New Patient Consultation online here, or call our reception team on 02030801000, who can also assist you in booking a complimentary facial or teeth straightening appointment to discuss your options. Go on, you know you deserve the best! You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook.