As a woman, I can’t help but posses multi-tasking superpowers. It’s not my fault I can overhear conversations whilst also doing admin/eating/designing brighter smiles/reviewing Invisalign cases etc etc etc.

It never ceases to amaze me how often I unintentionally hear conversations about teeth in public places. Just this week, I heard a group of ladies talking about where they take their children to see the dentist.

One mother was particularly concerned that her child’s baby teeth were reluctant to budge even though the adult teeth were emerging.

Firstly please don’t judge my multi-tasking super powers. Like all heroes, my powers chose me, I did not chose them. It’s not technically eavesdropping.

Secondly, these situations always make me feel slightly awkward, never really knowing if I should admit to overhearing a private (though audible) conversation. To your average onlooker, perhaps it may appear as eavesdropping, and isn’t that a social faux pas?

In this particular instance, I decided my public duty was to reassure the mother that having baby teeth and their adult counterparts was completely normal and she should not panic.

I won’t lie, I felt slightly idiotic declaring my dentist status and dishing out advice where it might not be wanted. Thankfully, my kind intentions were met with an even kinder reception, and said mother booked her child for a review at the clinic. Result!

Moving forward, in the interest of minimising these awkward social interactions, I would like to suggest the following to all locals:

  1. Look at my picture in the ‘meet the team’ section of our website (Dr Dahlia Sunba).
  2. Memorise aforementioned face.
  3. Do not have private dental chats when I am within 5 metres (yes my super powers are that good).
  4. If you are need advice, book a consultation AT THE CLINIC. I am far less awkward within my own territory.
  5. Want to avoid speaking to me all together? Email, the clinic instead

So, for any information about dental work, teeth whitening, teeth straightening and more, you now know, if you don’t want it sprung unsuspectedly on you whilst your enjoying your coffee and croissant, book your consultation by calling 02030801000, book online here, or email. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.