A beautiful smile helps enhance self-confidence and has a positive impact on all aspects of life. Everyone dreams about a beautiful smile and with plenty of ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures on dental websites of cosmetic dentistry, it is easy to see that a beautiful smile is achievable for all. Advances in dental technology over the last few decades have meant that cosmetic dentistry is now more accessible, convenient and comfortable than ever before. If you would like to address the aesthetic appearance of your smile then speak to us at Chelsea and Fulham Dentist to find out about the different treatment options available to you. There is a wide array of cosmetic dental treatments to address all types of aesthetic aspects of your teeth. If you are suffering from misalignment issues then speak to us at our practice to find out about Invisalign in Fulham.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign in Fulham is a modern and highly popular method of straightening your teeth. In the last two decades Invisalign has helped to treat more than 2.5 million smiles across the world. It is a discreet and convenient treatment method and is ideal for those who are looking to address minor or mild misalignment issues of their teeth.

If you decide this treatment could possibly help you, first you will need to visit our dentist for a comprehensive examination of your teeth and gums, to make sure that your teeth are clean and strong and that your gums are healthy. It is important for any form of orthodontic treatment that you do not have any underlying dental issues and if so these will need to be addressed prior to beginning a course of treatment with Invisalign in Fulham. This is so that the treatment does not exacerbate any existing dental conditions you might have.

Once you have addressed your dental health then you can have a discussion with our dentist and find out whether Invisalign in Fulham is the perfect treatment option for you. If not you will be shown the many other types of orthodontic braces which are also available for straightening the teeth.

If you decide to go ahead with Invisalign then you will first undergo a specialised iTero three-dimensional scan which is designed by the makers of Invisalign themselves. This scan is used to create an accurate prediction of how your teeth will look following successful treatment with Invisalign. The scan is also used to create a series of individually tailored plastic aligners which, as the name suggests, are almost invisible and work together to gradually move your teeth into a better position. The scan helps ensure that the aligners are precise and accurate, so therefore they are comfortable to wear and also produce predictable results from the treatment procedure. The discretion and comfort of Invisalign make it a popular choice of therapy amongst dentists and patients alike.

Speak to us at our practice  today to find out about how Invisalign works and the advantages of Invisalign over traditional orthodontic braces.