It’s been a strange few weeks with everything going on. Following government guidance, on Friday 20th March, the practice closed it’s doors to our amazing patients. No more Invisalign consultations, no more life changing teeth whitening and smile makeovers. No more neighbourly hellos from our regulars who pass us by.

We go regularly to the premises. The place is soulless without the staff and patients. We are down, but we are not defeated. We are working hard behind the scenes to make sure once this this is all over – ‘and it will be over’ – we are ready and raring to go.

We are trying our best to help our NHS frontline colleagues, whom we can all agree are modern day super heroes. We have decided to donate our current stock of PPE to our local hospital. We have made ourselves available via telephone and email to make sure that our patients (and those of other practices) are not inundating 111 phone lines with queries and concerns when those lines should be prioritised for Covid 19 emergencies. We are working on creative ways we can help with dental emergencies despite the heavy restrictions in place.

We are trying to support our staff as best we can both emotionally and financially through these testing times, all the while dealing with our own circumstances. We are a family run practice, and that family extends to all our wonderful nurses, dentists, receptionists and hygienists.

We have been overwhelmed with the generosity and understanding of our supporting companies. Their compassion means that we at least have a chance if surviving these unfortunate circumstances we all find ourselves in.

Let’s all try to see the positives, as hard as that may be at times. Let’s try to be kind and helpful and supportive so that when we look back on this, we can be proud of our own actions and not just those of the frontline heroes. Let’s all be heroes, if just for this pandemic.


Stay safe. Stay home.


We miss you all.


Dahlia and Imran.