I LOVE MAY. What’s not to love about a month that guarantees two, guilt-free Mondays off?

This day has historically been seen as a fresh start to the remainder of the year. A time to officially welcome summer, whether it be by dancing around a pole (of the May variety) or bathing in the fresh morning dew!

For me, it’s also a rude reminder that a quarter of the year has already been and gone. A time to take stock of what has (or hasn’t) been achieved personally and professionally, at a point when I can no longer call goals ‘new year’s resolutions’ if they have yet to be resolved!

So, I’m having a ‘sort your life out, Dahlia’ day. I’m sat with my year planner, deciding what the rest of my year should look like. According to my calendar, I will basically be a completely together business woman with abs of steal by December.

Failing that, I would be quite happy to achieve a few of my more realistic goals. One of these is to complete my Invisalign treatment and have straighter, whiter teeth by the end of summer.

If having a nicer smile by a certain season is also one of your goals, then let me encourage you to consider it now. The only regret I have about the treatment is not starting it sooner – and we hear this time and time again at the practice.

Changing the appearance of your smile is usually a relatively easy resolution/goal to stick to – much easier than regularly exercising or eating kale. And the effects are just as dramatic, if not more.

So, if you need help in achieving that goal of a healthier looking smile and want to tick that ‘to do’ that’s been on your list for months, or even years, please call us on 02030801000, email us, or book directly online here.