Dentistry is big business these days, clinics get larger and larger, especially in central London. It can be hard to find a clinic that still offers the opportunity to build up personal relationships with the staff. In some large clinics, you can see a different practitioner and receptionist every time you go in. But not at Chelsea and Fulham Dentist.

We are, in fact, nestled between Chelsea and Fulham, in Parsons Green. So if you are looking for a dentist in Putney that still has that family-run feeling to it, we are only one stop away on the Tube.

Putney DentistWhen you come to us at Chelsea and Fulham Dentist, you will get that family feeling because we started out small, just the 2 of us, husband and wife, only 5 years ago. People seemed to like what we had to offer, and to trust us, which is so important with dentistry. So, it wasn’t long before we took on one, then 2, then 3 nursing assistants.

Now we also have 2 hygienists, an implantologist and 2 associated dentists.

We cover every aspect of dentistry, so, you can use us for your whole family, from your children to your grandparents.

Dental needs change as we travel through the years, which is why a good family-run dentist will offer a wide range of treatments. When you are very young, it’s all about mastering the art of tooth brushing, and avoiding decay. Our hygienists can teach your children great brush skills in an engaging way, and we can offer treatments to protect their teeth while they learn.

For adults, it has never been more important and more possible to have great-looking teeth, and, very often, cosmetic treatments have knock-on health benefits too. For example, straighter teeth are easier to keep clean, and therefore last longer. We have 3 different kinds of cosmetic braces here.

But teeth don’t always last forever, sometimes they even get knocked out. Dental implants are the most effective way to replace lost teeth.

Whatever you need, you can find it here, and it’s always delivered with our personal and friendly care.