Since its entry into the mainstream dental care market, dental implants in Chelsea continue to find favour among patients and dental practitioners alike. Indeed, the blazing trail left by the game changing missing teeth restorative treatment has promoted its widespread use in addressing the many undesirable challenges of having lost adult teeth.

At our Chelsea and Fulham Dentist, we are always as equally delighted as our patients are when they view for the first time the pleasing look of their full set of teeth after receiving a successful treatment of dental implants in Chelsea. Dental implants in Chelsea are incomparable as a missing teeth replacement option thanks to the multitude of sought after benefits they offer patients.

Seeing that patient education is a big part of what we do at our dental practice, we thought we’d answer some of the most need-to-know questions patients interested in artificial teeth implants have.

Common questions patients ask about dental implants

  • Why do dentists recommend artificial teeth implants?

The treatment is not only highly efficacious in restoring full mouth function, but is also looked to for countering the challenges presented by conventional dental prosthetic devices. In general, patients prefer tooth implants for their comfort, tooth-like appearance and relatively long-term durability. One of the more significant advantages of opting for tooth implants over traditional missing teeth replacement devices is that it helps to protect jawbone density.

  • How long does a treatment plan last?

This question is difficult to answer as there is no one single plan that will work for every patient. Treatment duration will factor in many considerations such as patient’s oral health condition, number of implants required, additional dental treatments necessary as well as patient post-implantation recovery period. Patients should know that this type of dental treatment is not a quick fix, more so if the patient is in poor oral health.

  • How does a tooth implant work?

The efficacy of the tooth implant system is based around its design: a metal root-like device implanted into the jawbone and a dental crown placed on top to aid in masticatory and speech function. The metal root-like device provides stability for the artificial tooth in much the same way as a natural tooth root does.

  1. How do I care for tooth implants?

One of the much-loved plus points of tooth implants is that they are comparatively simple and easy to care for. The care of teeth implants is exactly the same as the care of natural teeth. By sticking to all the dentist-recommended practices for at-home care – daily brushing and flossing at routine check-ups at the dentist – a patient can ensure the long service life of their artificial teeth. A proper oral hygiene regimen at home is a non-negotiable.

Our highly experienced and well-skilled dental practitioner at Chelsea and Fulham Dentist looks to modern dental solutions to helping our patients achieve full dental health and a winning smile. For more information on any of our dental services to book an appointment for a routine dental check-up, please reach out to our friendly team at the reception desk.