We first started exhibiting at The National Wedding Show almost 6 years ago, and at the time we were the only dental practice around! Fast forward to 2019, and it seems that bridal parties can’t get enough of Invisalign teeth straightening, teeth whitening and facial treatments as we were in good company with no less than 2 other dental practices, cosmetic pharmacologists and specialist dermatologists.

Rather than see all this ‘competition’ as a negative, I see it as a positive indication that patient awareness is on the rise, and there is more demand for cosmetic dental and facial treatments in the UK than ever before.

With the advent of social media and life’s ultimate encyclopaedia, Google, it’s become easier than ever to explain treatment options and dispel urban myths surrounding dentistry. Patients and dentists, in their 1000s are taking to public forums to spread the (mostly positive) word.

Pre-internet dentistry was wildly based on assumptions, horror stories and blind faith. So much has changed in the past decade. Patients are now positively spoilt for choice in terms of clinicians and treatment options. In my final year at university, I was still using a floppy disc and ‘dialling in’, so I really have witnessed the shift in attitudes first hand.

The most commonly asked questions at the show centred around prices for teeth straightening and teeth whitening. The issues we face as a profession remain about offering the best treatment options, but with increased choice, the costs become another factor to compare, and people can spend months ‘price shopping’.

My advice to anyone, including all the lovely people we met at the Wedding Show, is DO YOUR RESEARCH. Look up clinicians and practices. Make sure you are happy with your choices and feel comfortable discussing your concerns with the people you entrust your smile and your health with. And, I understand, it is a really, really hard choice – but not all treatments and services are equal!

We would love to thank everyone that took the time to speak to us over the 3-day extravaganza that was the Wedding Show 2019! We hope we helped on your journey to preparing for the big day. For the lovely people that booked back to see us, we can’t wait to meet you again.

If you would like to book a complimentary Invisalign consultation or want to join the practice as a new patient, please do get in touch. Call us on 02030801000, email us on mail@cfdentist.co.uk or DM us on Instagram and Facebook.