A month on from the fabulous wedding shows we attended in March, and I’m still trying to remove all traces of glitter from my hair and home! Not complaining, glitter is always good!

We were lucky enough to secure stands at 2 separate wedding shows this year!

The National Wedding show bought together enough tulle to twirl the world over, a mountain of cake that would put Everest to shame, and almost enough Prosecco (as you can never have enough), under the iconic roof of Kensington Olympia.

At the Chelsea Secret Wedding Fare, the unexpected March snow showers helped create a wedding wonder land at the perfectly intimate Kensington Town Hall. Again, prosecco prevailed.

As a dentist, the idea of weddings instantly conjures up imagery of shiny, happy people. Happy people tend to want to smile. So, to me, dentistry is an essential part of any wedding planning!

It would seem though, that not everyone would agree. I caught a few brides (and some of their mothers) staggering away from our stand – due to said prosecco – muttering ‘why are there dentists here?’.

Aside from both being fantastic events, and feeling a welcomed addition for most of the attendees, the experience stood as a small but significant reminder of a few home truths.

Just because something makes complete sense to me, it isn’t always as crystal to an outsider. The importance of explaining the why(s) and the how(s). Empathy, empathy, empathy – we were so touched by some of the dental experiences people shared.

I feel we managed to gracefully navigate the bridal field, and a good proportion of the attempted escapees ended up speaking to us, and even leaving with a smile! I’d like to think many a dental myth was squashed, and even more delighted and privileged that some of the people we spoke to have since come for a visit.

Thank you bridal parties. You were epic!

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