Private, central London cosmetic dental practices can be intimidating places. We try to look and feel the part of a Fulham Road or Chelsea clinic, but I’m always conscious that we may be alienating a certain group of potential clients.

We often get asked if we do any general dentistry or is it just cosmetic procedures like veneers, Invisalign and teeth whitening.

The answer is, of course we do general dentistry. We even do family dentistry, and we love it just as much as all the cosmetic stuff!

At the heart of it all, Chelsea and Fulham Dentist is a family owned and run dental practice, with family values.

We were a husband and wife team 5 years ago. That was literally it! A two-man band with some crazy (perhaps naïve) ideas.

We added one nursing assistant, then another, then another. As the workload increased, so did the team members. We currently have 2 associate dentists; Dr Alexander Day and Dr Shiraz Khan, an implantologist; Dr Pedro Beech, and 2 hygienists.

We are proud of our humble beginnings. We love doing smile makeovers and the ‘glitzy’ dentistry because it can be life changing, but we also take pride in the simple stuff.

There’s still nothing quite like the feeling of relieving someone from toothache. Or when the patient can’t spot which tooth you just filled because the end result is so natural.

So yes, we are a predominantly cosmetic dental practice in the heart of London, but by no means do we want to be exclusive! We want to see anyone and everyone who needs a good dentist!

If you would like to know more about any of the services that we provide, contact us on 02030801000. We have an extensive website, we are available via email and you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram

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