Every season has it’s perks. Winter has Christmas, Spring has hope (and many a Bank Holiday), but Summer is my personal fav! It also seems to be the most popular time to start Invisalign and smile makeover journeys at Chelsea and Fulham Dentist!

There is something about the sunshine that makes us want to look and feel our very best. There’s nothing quite like direct sunlight to help highlight just how discoloured or badly aligned your teeth appear in those summer selfies.

Though we offer teeth whitening, teeth straightening and dental procedures like veneers and cosmetic bonding all year round, despite half of Chelsea and Fulham being away over the summer months, it still seems to be the most desirable time to start treatment. Here are my thoughts on why that might be.

In this day and age, we have all become the masters of our own reinvention. Life Gurus can come in all forms, from virtual to actual, so it’s no wonder many of us view ourselves as a continuous work in progress.

Your oral health can influence some of the most important aspects of how you express and feel about your progress. Your mouth is literally the source of life, with its unique ability to process food and nourish your body. If you are in pain, you can no longer make confident food choices. Never is it more important to have confidence and be pain-free than before a summer holiday!

Your smile is a measure of your positive emotions. It has been shown that warmer weather is great for positivity. If we are smiling more in Summer, perhaps we feel the need for that smile to be just so.

Winter is all about cosy nights in, where a blanket can hide a multitude of dietary sins. Summer is basically the opposite of this! We want to shed those clothes (and lbs) and show off our best selves. A smile is arguably the most important part of that package.


Two words: Love Island. Everyone and anyone who has ever watched this show will understand just how teeth obsessed they are. You just know, once those contestants have left the villa, the first thing their newly appointed PA will be tasked to do is locate the nearest Invisalign provider. I have seen AMAZING transformations with Invisalign, teeth whitening and cosmetic bonding for ex-Islanders! It definitely increases summer smile awareness!

Whatever your motivations for wanting to change your smile, you can trust the experienced team at Chelsea and Fulham Dentist to deliver. We are highly professional and motivated in creating the smiles of Summer dreams (and Winter/Autumn/Spring).

Call our reception team on 02030801000, email us mail@cfdentist.co.uk follow us and DM us on Facebook and Instagram or simply book online. What you waiting for? You could have a smile your proud to spotlight in the summer sun!