We are big fans of Netflix in our household. Nothing like a gripping drama that you can watch, advert free, at your own convenience. My younger self (with the luxury of only 4 channels) would never have guessed that, one day, I would have such TV watching powers.

We have just finished watching Peaky Blinders. Like each time we get hooked with a series, it becomes a little unspoken routine. Wait for partner to get home, ensure tea is brewed, take allotted seat, press play.

It’s funny how quickly a routine can be established and how alien it feels to do anything else…. including going out in this case!

For people who struggle finding the time to brush, floss, do some interdental cleaning, my response is always the same. You have to establish a good routine. Once you get used to doing something (almost anything) on a regular basis, it will feel alien to miss it. Tooth brushing is no exception to this.

The most important thing to bare in mind is that the routine has to work for you. For example, if you struggle finding the energy to brush last thing at night, brush a couple of hours before bed. I refer to this habit as a ‘double hit combo’ as it also discourages snacking at night.

There is usually a solution for every obstacle standing in the way of a well maintained mouth.

We have a Peaky Blinders shaped hole in our lives, but with the help of a sensible and convenient oral hygiene routine, you can avoid a cavity shaped hole in your mouth!

Setting Routines

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