We recently bought a top of the range, all singing, all dancing clothes dryer. Im the first to admit that the dishwasher is my very best friend, the washing machine is my rock, and the dryer definitely makes top 3 of my favourite things in the whole wide (first) world.

I paid the lovely men from John Lewis an extra £10 to install the machine which, to my surprise, basically meant plugging it into the wall. Lucky there were 2 of them!

Though the buttons looked like a jet plane dashboard, I managed to navigate my way through like a drying pro pilot. My face looked as wet as the blanket I just put in the dryer when the all singing machine started howling like a banshee, clearly broken.

Short story shorter, a nice man from Bosch came to check my banshee dryer. The machine, that had created enough noise to warrant neighbours complaints, worked perfectly well in front of Mr Bosch man. His mere presence had exorcised its banshiness.

Looking like a crazed, bored housewife with nothing better to do, I rebooked for next week. Precisely 32 minutes after Mr Bosch man left, the machine was repossessed. The demon banshee is oh so clever like that.

We see this happen at the practice all the time. Patients book with toothache that has been ailing them for months, only to find that its completely cured the moment they step through the practice doors.

Or that frustrating moment when we cannot provide a definitive diagnosis, because even though we absolutely believe a patient is in pain, we cannot locate it and all our special test turn up negative!

Just as I rebooked my sneaky dryer, as frustrating as it may seem, sometimes its better to be absolutely sure as to whats broken before we take things apart! At Chelsea and Fulham Dentist, we would never put you through any unnecessary treatment.

If you have toothache, dental queries, or just need some regular dental maintenance, call the practice on 02030801000 or book directly online here.