I have a friend who works in ‘finance’ in the ‘city’. We have been best buddies since we were 11 years old. I can openly say this, (as she is not on any social media platforms) that I still don’t know what she actually does for a living!

I have a rough idea; it’s to do with fund raising – but not your charitable type. There are a few hedges thrown in for good measure – but not your bushy type. And I totally understand the concept of her awesome work perks, like trips to Ibiza – no explanation required.

Recently, she mentioned she was considering changing jobs, and wanted some advice. I was at a complete loss. How can you contribute an opinion when you don’t know what someone does? I mumbled something about ‘the recession’ and quickly offered her a cake shaped distraction.

However, when I started telling her our plans for the practice, with a facial aesthetics department and expanding an award-winning team, she looked just as confused about what I actually do for a living. ‘Thought you were just a dentist’, she says.

Careers and services are no longer as clear cut as they were 30 odd years ago. Dentists, are no longer ‘just dentists’. And if my friend of 20 plus years doesn’t know what I get up to, then why should I expect potential (and perhaps existing) clients to know.

So, for the record, in the spirit of full disclosure, this is what we do and a little about who we are:

General dentistry – this is, and will always remain, our main focus. Preventative measures are always better than cures.

Cosmetic dentistry – including teeth straightening, teeth whitening, veneers and aesthetic fillings.

Facial treatments – including botulinum, fillers, chemical peels and non-surgical face lifts using PDO and threads – who better to do these than dentists that spend 5 years as undergraduates learning all about the face!

The Team – we have an award-winning team, including Dr Shiraz Khan, Young Dentist of the Year 2017 and Dr Alexandra Day, who teaches and is an ambassador at the world renowned DrBK Training institute.

Hope that clears up any confusion for everyone. I will dutifully pass this on to my best mate, and hope that she can write me a summary of what it is she gets up to!

If you would like to know more, please contact one of our team members on 02030801000. Alternatively, you can book directly online here…. And don’t forget to explain, slowly, exactly what you do!