For over a decade, Dr Imran, our principal dentist, has been offering prescribed facial rejuvenation treatments such as botulinum and fillers in London. Since joining the team over 2 years ago, Dr Alexandra has increased our facial services to include thread lifts, chemical peels, non-surgical nose jobs, chin shaping and access to prescription cosmeceuticals which have helped an increasing number of our clients establish revolutionary skin care regimes.

Spending these extended amounts of time cooped up working from home to fight Covid is not exactly great for allowing your skin to breath and look it’s best. Nor is the regular use of face masks. So whilst crawling out of lock down, we thought we would provide some advice.

Here are Dr Alexandra’s top tips:


Using the right cleanser and exfoliator is key. If these two steps are not right there is no chance of anything else you apply to your skin getting through. Your cleanser and exfoliator must be right for your skin type. Dr Day’s favourite products are ZO Exfoliating cleanser and ZO Exfoliating polish. Get these two steps right to rid the skin of dirt and surface oil, unclog pores with exfoliation and calm and soothe irritated skin.



There is a global epidemic of moisturiser addiction! When you put moisturiser on your skin you are sending messages to the skin cells to say “Hi guys, turn off, we’ve got plenty of moisture up here!”. So what happens? The skin cells die, and a build up of dead skin cells leaves the skin looking grey and tired. The skin then drys out….and we reach for more moisturiser! Sound familiar? If so hold back on the moisturiser and instead feed your skin with Vitamin A and antioxidants to promote healthy skin,  protect against free radical damage and help tighten and smooth the skin.


Yes, this is still possible whilst indoors! Exposure to the sun’s UV light does more than increase our risk of skin cancer. It also ages our skin exponentially, causing wrinkles, age spots and dryness that appear well in advance of aging.

Choosing and using sunscreen can put the brakes on such photoaging as well as reduce risk for skin cancer. At Chelsea and Fulham dentist Dr Day prescribes for her patients there very best in skin care from ZO Skin health. Sunscreens are not universal for everyone. At your complimentary consultation will advise you the best SPF for your skin type, providing UVA/UVB defence.  It also protects against high-energy visible (HEV) light from computers, digital devices, fluorescent lights and LED sources.  Wear sunscreen everyday – not just on beach days, and make sure to apply enough to cover all exposed skin.


While a good skin care regimen is an important way to protect your skin, other healthy habits count too. If you smoke, try and make 2020 the year you quit. Smoking causes premature wrinkling in addition to the dozens of other health ills associated with this nasty habit. Use this extra time at home to build good routines!

Stress also takes it toll on our looks. Find something that helps you chill and do it every single day whether yoga, meditation or even just deep breathing. Regular exercise can also help fight stress and improve health allowing us to live longer, healthier lives – and feel as young as we look.


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