dental implants in Chelsea

As people age their teeth can become worn. With only one set of adult teeth to last you your entire life it is important that you take care of them to the best of your ability. However, at Chelsea and Fulham Dentist we understand that with age teeth can still become susceptible to falling out, even if they have been well looked after. That’s why we provide reliable tooth replacement treatments to keep you smiling later on in life.  Having a gap in your smile can lead to all sorts of problems and insecurities. Not being able to smile confidently could impact your social life, as you could begin to feel isolated as you try and dodge every photograph that is being taken so nobody sees your teeth. It can also cause more generic complications, such as not being able to pronounce words properly or not being able to eat food without worrying about which side of your mouth you are biting down on or if the food is too chewy. Getting dental implants in Chelsea could help you overcome all of these issues, as they replace your teeth in such a way that they replicate your original ones, behaving and looking exactly like them.

Keep your new teeth secure with tiny titanium screws

A lot of people find that when they get dentures their teeth often come loose if they eat chewy, sticky foods. Dentures also neglect to stimulate the jawbone, so once you have lost all of your teeth your jawbone will begin to disintegrate and change shape, meaning that your dentures will likely become ill-fitting over a period of time too. Getting dental implants in Chelsea provides you with an alternative tooth replacement option that maintains the stimulation of your jawbone, ensuring that your face does not become sunken and age you prematurely. This treatment uses tiny titanium screws to replicate the roots of your teeth. They are inserted into your jawbone and a healing period of around six weeks will be required before you can have your new teeth attached to the posts that will be left protruding slightly from your gums once your mouth has healed.

An appliance to suit every situation

It is a common misconception that getting dental implants in Chelsea is only possible if you are missing all of your teeth. This is not the case, and at Chelsea and Fulham Dentist we are capable of replacing just the one tooth or a few teeth as well as an entire mouthful. One screw will be used in circumstances where one tooth is being replaced, and a crown will be attached on to this to complete your smile. How many screws you need when replacing multiple teeth will depend on your individual circumstances. A bridge will be attached to your implants to replace multiple teeth if they are missing either in a row or on either side of a remaining original tooth, and partial dentures or full dentures will be used when you wish to replace an entire set of teeth or a whole row. Replacing an entire set of teeth can be done using as little as four screws, but in some cases people can require up to twelve.