During your school years, it is unlikely that you would have never seen or known someone who wore traditional metal braces.

And as such, you can probably recall them needing to attend a lot of orthodontic appointments and will remember that they needed to avoid certain foods, like toffee, corn on the cob and hard boiled sweets! Such memories may have actually put you off the idea of seeking orthodontic treatment as an adult, as it seems like an excessive amount of work!

Many clear and invisible braces can straighten your teeth which do not require such extensive maintenance and if you come to Chelsea and Fulham Dentist, we can introduce you to them.

At Chelsea and Fulham Dentist, we are proud to be able to offer our suitable patients adult orthodontic treatments, including the world-famous Invisalign in Chelsea. Designed to slot over your teeth, this brace is removable, invisible and will not require extensive trips to our surgery to keep an eye on it. This brace is accompanied by an app, so you can update our team on its progress without having to leave your home.

There are some maintenance tips which you will need to know to keep Invisalign in Chelsea working correctly and here we break them down.

Carry case!

When you are given Invisalign in Chelsea, it will come with a distinctive carry case for you to place it in when you are out and about.

Make use of this case, as it is designed to keep the brace clean, debris-free and of course, safe from external pressure. Do not simply throw this brace into your bag as and when you are out with friends, as this can cause it to warp in its shape.

Soft-bristled toothbrushes

As you will need to brush your teeth after eating but before putting this brace back in, it is worth investing in a miniature, soft-bristled toothbrush to keep your teeth clean.

This will prevent plaque from accumulating and will reduce the likelihood of you developing cavities.


When it comes to keeping this brace clean, it is fairly straightforward; simply run it under a cold tap and use a toothbrush to remove debris. As it is made from plastic, do not attempt to clean it using hot water or mouthwash; hot water may cause it to melt and mouthwash may discolour the plastic.

Pain relief

There is no such thing as a completely comfortable brace and invisible braces are no different.

As you will need to swap to the next brace every 2 weeks or so, there may be additional pressure afterwards, which may need to be managed with paracetamol.


A key advantage of adult orthodontics is that they do not require too many appointments with our team but, when it does come round to visiting the surgery, please keep your appointments. This will help us to identify if the brace is working correctly and if any alterations need to be made to the aligner or pressure points.