Have you heard that invisible aligners are more expensive than braces? Is that putting you off of seeking treatment?

At Chelsea and Fulham Dentist, our team has worked with Invisalign in Fulham for many years and are here to set the record straight about these very nifty aligners.

In this article, our team debunks some of the most common myths we have encountered about Invisalign in Fulham. Enjoy!

Myth- You cannot treat complex alignment issues with invisible aligners

When they were originally designed, Invisalign in Fulham could not treat more complex cases of misalignment, and it was reserved for solely cosmetic issues.

But as technology has advanced, more extreme cases of crossbite, overbite and even spacing have been treatable with these aligners. So, even if you are worried that you will need a fitted brace to correct your smile, it may be worth asking about invisible aligners!

Myth- Invisible aligners are more expensive than regular braces

There are a few factors that go into predicting how much any orthodontic treatment will cost; two of those factors are how long it will take for the treatment to straighten your teeth and how many dental checkups will be required.

As invisible aligners take on average between 3-6 months and require fewer checkups, they can actually be more affordable than a standard brace. However, for a more accurate breakdown of how much this aligner will cost, please talk to our team.

Myth- You only need to wear the aligners a few hours a day

Oh dear, this myth has led to more than a couple of issues with dental realignments!

Whilst your prescription with your aligners will be targeted to your needs, our team will recommend that you wear your aligners for at least 22 hours a day. Don’t worry! They will be comfortable enough to wear at night too!

Should you fail to adhere to this, you may find that your teeth revert to their previous positions, throwing the treatment schedule out of the window and prolonging the entire process.

So, keep your aligners in and time yourself!

Myth- You can smoke whilst wearing aligners

Technically, there is nothing to stop you from smoking whilst you are wearing aligners, but we will always advise against it.

The nicotine in cigarettes can usually cause the plastic aligners to discolour, meaning they may quickly go from being clear to having a brown tint; not very visually discreet!

Also, smoking heightens the chances of you developing oral cancer and has been linked in countless studies to a higher incidence of gum disease. So, understandably, our team is not too keen on our patients partaking in it!

If you need help with smoking cessation, please feel free to contact our team.

Myth- Any dentist can work with Invisalign aligners

In short, no, they can’t.

To use Invisalign aligners correctly, your dentist will need to have undertaken additional training. Our team at Chelsea and Fulham Dentist has not only undertaken this additional course but will be happy to show you their portfolio of work along with their certifications.

If you have any questions about these aligners or the training that our team has undertaken, we will be happy to answer them too!