Though famously said ‘if you are tired of London, you are tired of life’ any person who lives here will admit it can feel like a magnificent stress fuelled rat-race, even more so with recent events. Lord knows we have considered packing and leaving on more than one occasion, convinced that we are tired of London life rather than life itself!

Being a London based practice, with staff from all 4 corners, we are painfully aware of the various worries that keep our lovely patients (and colleagues) up at night.

Stress has a huge impact on our bodies, and more than often it has oral manifestations. When we are stressed, we tense, the muscles within and surrounding our mouths are no exception. If tense for long periods of time they can cause damage to surrounding tissues, teeth and beyond.

Some people are very good at recognising that they are stressed and that they may be clenching and/or grinding their teeth. For the majority though, they may not understand why they feel tired after a restless nights sleep or tenderness in your temples. These are but a few of the possible effects.

Our team has been highly trained to recognise the signs of grinding and teeth clenching, even if you may be completely unaware. It’s important to treat these to avoid long term dental and health issues. You can ask more at your next oral health review, or if you have any immediate concerns, feel free to send in a selfie!

Contact one of our friendly members of staff 0203 0801000, via Facebook, twitter, or book directly online We are here to make London living that little less stressful!