Lockdown measures are being relaxed across the UK, and it’s bought a smile to many a face. Though we may have masks to hide any unsightly sneers in the short term, we won’t be able to hide forever!

It was all too easy (and even unavoidable) to put a pause on anything unnecessary over the past 4 months. For me, this included house renovations. From the look of recent patient enquires, for many it included cosmetic dental treatment like teeth whitening and teeth straightening.

I think everyone would agree that this period of being housebound has really helped us prioritise what is important in life. Family time is precious, the NHS are heroic and health is most certainly wealth.

However, from a completely personal point of view, it also made me realise how fragile life is, how we may not be able to afford to wait for what we want. Though we are fortunate enough to have what we need to survive, when your freedom has been revoked and you are suddenly stripped of your lifestyle, things can get pretty flat, pretty quickly!

So now that lockdown is slowly being lifted, my advice is to go get what you want! Want to look refreshed and have some facial work done to help you feel your best – contact us for a complimentary facial consult! Want straighter teeth to help you smile confidently – visit us for some Invisalign! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!!

Now more than ever, we have to seek and seize all opportunities. A life well lived is most definitely too short. We also never know when that second Covid wave is coming! Personally, I will be getting everything I need done with immediate effect to avoid feeling like I’ve missed out even more.

If you have realised that there is something you want and you just cannot wait (and it’s something we can help you with!), then please contact us as soon as possible! Call our reception team on 02030801000. You can also book complimentary virtual consultations online as well as face to face consultations. Email us on mail@cfdentist.co.uk and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates.