Last week was a particularly challenging period at the practice. Staff sickness, travel delays, and generally noticeable low moral in and around Fulham. It was hard to find a reason to smile, no matter how straight or white my teeth are at the moment!

January, in general, can be a tough time of year. I’m not ashamed to admit I’m glad to see the back of it! February is already promising to be kinder, with the first few daffodils budding and the days getting that little bit lighter.

To help us all on our jolly way to Spring, I have gathered some useful hints and tips on staying positive and improving our general well-being, not just dental!

  1. Be nice. Try to be nice to everyone, especially your dentist. Studies have shown, time and time again, that being nice and helpful aids positive moral, and having spoken to Joe Public recently, I think we can all do with a dose of that!
  2. Meditate – not sure how and have never tried this personally, but it sounds like a good thing – and that nice Dr off This Morning recommended it and he is just the best!
  3. If you want to feel like you have a more youthful, brighter smile, get some teeth whitening done at the clinic. As someone who gets through up to 5 coffees a day, I am living proof that teeth whitening really does make a difference!
  4. Do not, under any circumstance, watch The Root Cause documentary on Netflix. It is almost as fictional as Breaking Bad, but at least that’s entertaining – so watch Breaking Bad instead.
  5. Smiling simply makes you feel happier. Forget the chicken and the egg, it’s all about the smile and happiness. Which came first? Who cares, as long as you end up happy! And if your having trouble smiling, come see one of the team!
  6. Dental floss, not the dance version – though that is a good form of exercise. Flossing has been proven to fight bad breath, boost self-esteem, help protect against gum disease and tooth decay, and some may argue it can help you live a longer, healthier life. Win, win, win situation I would day.
  7. It really is good to talk. Talk about your concerns with friends and family. Discuss dental concerns with us. Doesn’t matter who you speak to, just speak if you have worries and woes. A problem shared is not just a problem halved, it can often just become a past problem solved.
  8. Sleep is good. Sleep is necessary. If you are having issues sleeping and think clenching and grinding

If you want to help us celebrate the end of January and the start of Spring, call our reception team on 02030801000, email us, book directly online here and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.