We offer Invisalign in Fulham, it’s one of the newer technologies used in orthodontic treatment. These clear aligners have been around for a little over 20 years, but the metal brace has been used in clinics for more than a hundred years.

Clear aligners are used as a set, which the patients wear one after the other, gradually repositioning the teeth.

How do you start using clear aligners

Before you consider starting aligners, a thorough check-up is required and an honest conversation with our dentists about your expectations. Aligners can be very helpful but they’re not universally effective for all orthodontic issues and in complex cases, the only effective option may be a metal brace.

If you are a candidate to have this treatment, an accurate 3D model has to be made of your teeth. This can be done in several ways; the fastest and least invasive is an intra-oral scanner. Your model can also be predicted from dental X-rays or a dental mould.

The scans are then sent to a specialised orthodontist who, using professional software, digitally moves and rotates the teeth. This final tooth position and the original scanned position are used as a start and endpoint for a simulation, from which a series of aligners is generated. These customised aligners will gradually move the teeth to their designated positions.

A UV cured 3D printing process is used to manufacture clear aligners. They are then sent to the patients; these are used at home, along with check-ups at our practice every 6-8 weeks.

How do you use aligners?

The effectiveness of aligners is dependent on patients’ behaviour. They need to be worn 22-23 hours a day, only removing them to eat and drink. Due to the risk of food particles becoming trapped under the aligners and causing cavities, brushing after you have eaten is recommended.

Daily usage of aligners is really no problem. They’re very light and thin, as well as translucent, so they’re easily put in and forgotten about. Our patients who use Invisalign in Fulham report no noticeable change in their speech or awkwardness wearing them in public.

What does wearing aligners feel like?

With Invisalign in Fulham the constant forces applied to the teeth by aligners are much less uncomfortable than those associated with the adjustment of a metal brace. Aligners apply force much more intelligently than a metal brace, using the minimum pressure required in the correct direction to achieve the desired movement.

Mass popularity

Clear aligners from the start have been a less obtrusive adult orthodontic option. Recently, this has led to them being offered directly to patients without consultations or the guidance of a dentist.

This can be very tempting, particularly for nervous patients who may have an issue with attending dental appointments.

The transition from turning patients into customers has worried the BOS (British Orthodontic Society). They have released statements warning of the possible damage that could be caused by incorrectly using aligners, as well as the loss of interacting with our dentists who would provide unbiased advice on treatment options.