When you look in the mirror you should be happy with the smile that you see staring back at you, but many people who have crooked teeth or gaps in their smiles are far from satisfied. At Chelsea and Fulham Dentist we understand that traditional teeth straightening treatments do not always seem like an appealing solution, which is why we offer Invisalign in Chelsea. This treatment is much more convenient than other straightening appliances as it is not permanently fixed to your teeth and is custom made just for you from a clear plastic that is barely noticeable when worn. In some circumstances, adults are not worried about their crooked teeth until they have an event to attend such as a wedding or important work event and want to be looking their best for it. Nobody wants to sit on the sidelines or awkwardly try to smile with their mouth closed whilst everyone else is having their photograph taken. This treatment is ideal for these situations as it takes a much shorter amount of time to complete than traditional treatments that can take around two years to straighten your teeth.

Removable aligners that never get in the way

A lot of people get frustrated when they undergo teeth straightening treatment because when they eat food gets stuck in their appliance, and when they brush their teeth it is difficult to navigate around the metal brackets that are stuck to the surfaces of their teeth. If you decide to get Invisalign in Chelsea then you will handily avoid these issues, as your aligners will be easy to take in and out, whenever you need to. This means that you can both eat and brush your teeth as you normally would, and you can even pop your aligners out if you have to smile for a photograph and feel more comfortable without them in, even though they are barely noticeable when being worn due to their clear nature. Completely transparent, your aligners fit over the tops of your own teeth comfortably and should not impact your speech or keep you awake at night.

Straighten your teeth in time for that special event

Whilst your aligners are able to be removed, it is still vitally important to make sure that you are wearing them properly if you wish your treatment to work as it is supposed to. You need to be wearing your aligners in the correct order and for a minimum of twenty-two hours a day. You will be provided with a few sets of aligners at a time by your practitioner, you will need to attend regular appointments at our practice to ensure that your treatment is working correctly and to collect your next sets of aligners. When you are getting Invisalign in Chelsea you can expect your treatment to take around six months, but this can vary from patient to patient and can be longer if the problem is more severe. Once your treatment has ended you will be required to wear a retainer at night time for a period of time to ensure that your teeth stay in their new positions and do not return to their previous crooked positioning.