Are you a teenager who wants to straighten their misaligned teeth? Or are you an adult whose teeth have suddenly decided that they want to move of their own accord, creating a very minor misalignment?

Either way, there is an answer to both and it comes in the form of a lite aligner!

At Chelsea and Fulham, we are proud to be able to offer our suitable patients Invisalign Fulham and, should you need an even more minor tweaking of your teeth, we can offer you the lite version of this aligner. Both are designed to help you get the smile you have always wanted, in an accelerated time without the issues that come with standard braces. Great!

But what is the difference between Invisalign Fulham and the lite version? Here, our team offers a guide and comparison of these 2 world-famous aligners. So enjoy!

Lite aligners; the difference

OK, so first things first, what is the difference between Invisalign Fulham and the lite aligner that you can also use?

Firstly, there is the grade of correction that is needed; the lite aligner is more suited for people who have a mild to very low orthodontic need. There is a maximum number of trays you can receive with the lite version of the aligner which is 14. With the traditional clear aligners, an unlimited number of aligners may be used.

Then there is also the duration of the treatment; with the lite aligner, you can expect to be wearing the aligner for up to 8 months as a maximum but with the standard aligner, it can be worn for up to 18 months.


Despite the shorter time frame of use and fewer aligners, this lite invisible aligner is just as effective at correcting misalignments as the standard aligner.

It can correct issues such as crooked teeth, minor overcrowding, poor positioning and spacing issues.

But, just like the basic invisible aligner, the lite alternative is not suited for people who have complex cases of misalignment or for those who have molars that require moving. This aligner is designed to only work on the front teeth, so our team at Chelsea and Fulham will determine your suitability following a consultation.

The process

Luckily, whether you are having the standard aligner fitted or the lite one, the process is very much the same.

There will be an intraoral scan taken of your teeth and our team will use computer technology to simulate moving your teeth into their final position. From this, a set of aligners will be printed to achieve this goal, which will be sent back to our clinic.

Benefits of the lite aligner

As we mentioned before, there are many advantages to wearing an invisible aligner; the first one being that it is invisible!

The treatment time is also shortened and the process (as it involves less movement of the teeth) is overall more comfortable. There are no food restrictions and as the cost of all aligner treatments are based on how long the aligner is worn and how many dental visits are required, it is also often more cost-effective. Great!