Just been given the green light to start treatment with clear or invisible aligners?

Do you have some questions about the associated app?

At Chelsea and Fulham Dentist, we have helped many of our patients use Invisalign in Chelsea and the associated app, so we can ensure that your treatment remains straightforward to adapt to your lifestyle.

In this fun guide, we breakdown the app that accompanies Invisalign in Chelsea, so you will know all there is to know about it before you begin treatment.


Firstly, when you begin using Invisalign in Chelsea, you will need to download the app to your smartphone from the app store.

It’s completely free and allows you to stay in touch with our team and the aligner provider without needing to set foot into a dental surgery, which in recent times, has become more important due to government guidelines relating to COVID-19.

Using the app

The app will require access to the camera on your phone, so that you can send pictures to our team as the treatment progresses.

The app also includes other features such as helping you to track how long you wear your aligner for each day, an appointment tracker and will also enable you to see which stage of the treatment you are at. This will help you to wear the correct aligner in the sequence and will ensure that errors are kept to a minimum.

The app will also be able to remind you to send photos, so all of the guessing is removed, thus making the aligner more convenient to use in daily life.

Our team

So, as mentioned before, when you use this app, you will need to send our team photographs of your smile.

This typically will need to happen once a week and when you change the aligners. When we receive the photo, we will be able to determine if the treatment is progressing as planned or if you need to see us for a check-up.

Using the app, we will send feedback:

  • On track- if you receive this as a response after you have sent a photo, it means all is going to plan. You should continue to wear the aligners as directed and keep up the good work!
  • Instructions- if you receive this as a response from our team after sending a photo, it means that additional guidance is needed. This may include wearing the current aligner for a bit longer, or using chewies to ensure that the aligners are correctly coming into contact with your teeth. Any changes to your regime will be instantly uploaded to the app, so you won’t need to make any changes to your schedule manually.


When it comes to this brand of invisible aligner, you must try to stay on track with the treatment schedule as dictated by our team. This will ensure that your treatment time is adhered to (typically 3 to 6 months) and that additional money is not wasted.

We will typically recommend to patients that they wear the aligners for 22 hours each day, but if we advise a different schedule for your case, you must stick to it.