An impromptu trip to Bicester Village and 2 handbags later, I believe I am an impulse buyer. But should you ever impulse buy straighter teeth, a whiter smile, impulsively chose a dentist?


Choosing a dentist in Fulham has become a bit of a minefield. There are so many dental clinics in Parsons Green alone to choose from – I do not envy those looking for the right dental practice in a wider search, such as in London!!!

We grew our independent dental clinic on reputation alone. What distinguishes us from our competitors is the feel of a family run business (which it is) but without the compromise of advanced technology and clinical investment. That means that our patient care remains consistently excellent and personalised, as does our dentistry.


However, I am always fascinated by how and why our patients choose us. On the face of it, often that decision can mascaraed as an impulsive reaction…. But is it?

With the hand bags that I purchased, it took perhaps 30 minutes from entering the store to leaving with said bags under arm. 30 minutes! Now that is efficient! But if I really think about it, that 30 mins was probably the end of a well thought out process that started months beforehand. Let me explain…..

At the start of the year, a certain Z list celebrity on Instagram (which shall remain unnamed to avoid judgment and shame) may have been wearing a very similar backpack. I admired the bag whilst tapping through those endless Gram stories like a twitchy consumer….. ok, ok it might be the exact same backpack!

I now walk to work in an attempt to lower my carbon footprint and increase my health-related count of footprints. This walk includes a school drop off and can take up to an hour. I needed a backpack to help with the weight distribution. I had never really had the need for a backpack before this. So, the need for this new bag actually started months ago.


I knew how much the backpack was from the retailer, so when I went to the Bicester outlet and saw it was significantly cheaper, it would have been rude not to buy it. I never want to offend the designer Gods!

So, though it may have appeared to be an impulse buy, my backpack purchase was months in the making, much like how a new patient decides to come visit our dental practice in Fulham!

A friend may mention us on a night out. They may have recently moved to the area and be in need for a new dentist or they may chip a tooth or decide that actually, it’s time for them to make changes to their smile they have been agonising over for months or even years. They may research our fees and reviews and make that decision to book. Though the booking process takes minutes, in reality, there has been nothing impulsive about the choice.

You may have noticed that I mentioned 2 bags at the start…. The back pack I could trace the thought process and justify…. The shopper bag was totally an impulse buy and I don’t regret it – though I am sure I should!

We know that for many, booking a dental appointment requires for many stars and events in a life to align. If yours have, call us on 02030801000 to book or simply book online here. If you are not quite ready and have a query, please email us You can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram.