It’s said summer bodies are made in winter….so that’s now people! For me it’s the same every year, it gets warmer, I shed a few layers of clothing and I’m shocked by amount of weight I should probably shed too!


So today I skipped the carbs and grabbed a salad. Said salad, unbeknown to me, was full of garlic dressing! Which led me to think…. Is it socially acceptable to eat odorous foods at work, and if we accidently/on purpose do eat such foods, what can we do to remedy the effect and stop people vacating our vicinity and diving for the nearest fire exit to inhale the relatively fresh traffic-polluted air.


Onion, garlic, and some spices often cause bad breath. The odour lingers while food particles stay in your mouth, but these foods give you a double-whammy. Once they make it through your system, their stinky chemicals travel through your bloodstream to the lungs where you breathe them out.


On the whole, most people would agree that if you have a job/event that involves speaking to people at close proximity (like a dental practice, ahem), it would be wise to limit the amount of garlic/onions etc. Alternatively, avoiding it completely is really the only sure fire way to ensure your freshest breath.

Brushing, flossing, and rinsing will loosen hidden food bits and prevent odour-causing bacteria from multiplying. So, if you have had certain foods, be sure to keep a toothbrush and floss handy at work or in your hand bag.


Avoid eating onion and garlic in its raw form as this is when it is most pungent. Certain products will help mask the after effects such as chewing gum and mouthwash. You can ask your dentist for sample sizes of the latter which will fit in most handbags/manbags. Make sure that your mouth is well hydrated, it helps to get rid of those odorous food particles quicker.


As for me, I say hoorah for admin days. I’ve locked myself in my office and told everyone I have very important and pressing matters to deal with and only to disturb me if there is a dire emergency… all said from behind the palm of my hand whilst reaching for an industrial bottle of mouthwash!


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