My inbox has been inundated with mail about all the millions of things I need to be doing before the Brexit deadline. Are Invisalign, teeth whitening and cosmetic dental procedures other examples of things we should be panicking about?

The likelihood is that most of the scare mongering shrouding Brexit will reach a frenzy in January 2020 (or whatever date it may be) and, hopefully tail off when we realise that things will largely remain the same!

As a small business, we do have to prepare for the predicted increases of certain costs and decide how that will be managed. Thankfully, teeth whitening and straightening at Chelsea and Fulham Dentist is unlikely to be hugely affected!

When a patient decides to embark upon cosmetic dental treatment or facial aesthetics procedures, I have found that there are two main factors that will help dictate when and where treatment is sought. It’s all about the timing – it must be the RIGHT TIME for the patient and the RIGHT CLINICIAN.

Many people would say that cost is a bigger factor, but I would argue that there is always someone who will do things cheaper, it doesn’t mean they should, or will, gain your trust. Most patients know that not all dentists or dental practices are equal and will be willing to pay for expertise and peace of mind.

So regardless of what is going on in Great Britain and beyond, whether costs of treatments will or will not rise, this makes no real difference to when and where people will get their dental treatment.

Dr Imran Sayed

Personal events are far more likely to affect decisions compared to those taking place on a National level. Perhaps you are getting married and want to smile without reservation on your special day. Perhaps you don’t care about your smile on your wedding day, but you mum or dad does! Maybe you’ve made a decision to straighten your teeth after months or years of research or you saw something on Instagram or Facebook just yesterday!

So my point is, Brexit shmexit, You chose when you want to start your journey to the smile of your dreams, and we will be waiting in the side lines, here to help.

To book a complimentary teeth straightening consultation, call our reception team on 02030801000 or email us on We will respond regardless of whether it’s before or after Brexit deadlines!