Here we are, trying to advocate the benefits of straighter, whiter, healthier smiles, talking all things Invisalign, and yet, it may be hard to find a reason to smile given that tomorrow has been deemed the most depressing day of the year!

Christmas is but a distant memory, New Year’s resolutions are not all that new anymore (or perhaps non-existent), and pay day could not come any sooner.

Amongst all this January doom and depressive gloom, we at Chelsea and Fulham Dentist are trying to find different ways and reasons to remain positive.

Today, it’s not so difficult to find a reason to smile, as it’s DR IMRAN’S BIRTHDAY! YAYYYYYYYY!

We will be using our co-founder’s special day as an excuse to slap on some silly grins and be happy, in spite of the calendar date and mass depressive state of the word!

Remember, we can help give you the smile of your dreams, but it is your responsibility to use it wisely and as often as you can! So, let’s have a little January fun and smile as much as we can possibly bare pre Brexit, have adventurous non-alcoholic cocktails and vegan feasts galore.

Whether you are taking part in Dry January, or you have decided to brave Veganuary, do it all with a cheesy grin and be happy.

If you are still struggling to find inspiration, then come visit us for a sprinkle of positivity! Here’s some things that may help you through this rough period…

We are continuing to offer our complimentary Teeth Straightening Consultations into 2019 as they have been exceptionally popular.

We still have our award-winning clinicians, ready whenever you are, to tackle your dental and facial aesthetic needs in style.

As always, we can offer interest free repayment options – that usually makes someone smile!

To contact us, call our friendly reception team on 02030801000, email us or book directly online here. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram, or just pop by for a chat!