At Chelsea & Fulham Dentist we understand how important a smile really is. Aside from it being amongst the first things that someone notices about you upon meeting for the first time, they are something that expresses who you really are. Being unsatisfied with the appearance or condition of your smile can cause severe insecurities, so we have made it our mission to make everyone who walks into our practice love their smile. Our dentist in Chelsea not only offers general dental care and advice on oral hygiene but treatments to enhance your smile and achieve the results that you desire. All sorts of things can cause insecurities, like chipped, crooked or gapped teeth as well as things like discolouration and bad oral hygiene. If you are unsure of how we can help you then we recommend that you book a consultation appointment with one of our practitioners to discover which treatments could benefit you.

Get rid of imperfections and insecurities

Our dentist in Chelsea offers a multitude of treatments when it comes to enhancing your smile and moulding it into one that you love. Teeth straightening treatments such as Invisalign give people the chance to straighten and even out their teeth, which can not only give your smile a more even appearance but also make brushing your teeth easier. Sometimes crooked, overlapping teeth can cause a build-up of plaque as it is extremely difficult to reach certain areas when you are brushing your teeth.

Accidents happen all the time, and often in an accident a front tooth can become chipped and leave a smile looking incomplete, as well as creating an incredibly uncomfortable feeling for your tongue. At Chelsea & Fulham Dentist we offer veneers, a treatment that completely disguises any chips or cracks that you may have in your teeth. The veneers are made of porcelain and if you only have one or two veneers fitted they will be matched to the shade of your original teeth. They attach to the surface of your teeth and can make them appear much more even by altering the shape and size of them, and in some cases where you have an entire set fitted can make your teeth seem whiter, too.

Helping you to stay on top of your dental hygiene

In the modern-day everyone is living very busy lives, but oral hygiene is not something that should be forgotten about or deprioritised. Not taking care of your teeth properly can result in tooth decay and gum disease, and will often cause several dental issues that require different treatments to resolve, such as fillings or a root canal. Our dentist in Chelsea urges you to maintain regular dental check-ups so that you can have a full assessment of your mouth carried out by a professional to check for any underlying issues that you may have as well as the current health of your teeth. It is recommended that you visit our practice once every twelve months, but this can vary depending on your individual circumstances and you could need to have more frequent check-ups.