There are many factors which can result in tooth loss and as an adult we understand that tooth loss can be highly embarrassing and uncomfortable. It affects the aesthetics of your smile and it also affects your overall dental health. A missing tooth can dent your self-confidence, alter your speech and affect your eating habits and choices. Tooth loss can weaken the teeth which are adjacent to it and can also lead to bone decay. It can affect the shape of your face resulting in sinking or sagging of the cheeks where your teeth are missing, also known as facial collapse.

If you have experienced tooth loss as a result of poor oral health or due to an accident or injury to your mouth, then speak to us at Chelsea and Fulham Dentist to find out about dental implants in Fulham and how they can help address the issues that you may be facing due to the loss of your teeth.

Dental implants in Fulham have become the gold standard in tooth replacement therapy and they are highly popular amongst dentists and patients alike. Over the last few decades dental implants in Fulham have become the preferred method of replacing missing teeth.

You will first need to undergo a comprehensive examination of your teeth and gums to make sure that you have no underlying dental problems other than your tooth loss. If there are other issues present then these will need to be addressed prior to implant surgery and the dentist will also assess the health of your bone, because it is important to have sufficient healthy bone for successful implant surgery. If not you may need to undergo bone grafting.

A bone graft is carried out to increase bone density which may have been lost as a result of bone decay due to tooth loss. To do this you may need to have bone taken from another part of the body and fused to the remaining bone. Depending on the extent of grafting necessary this procedure may need to be carried out a few weeks prior to implant surgery, or it may be carried out at the time of the implant.

The procedure for dental implants in Fulham can take up to several months to complete successfully. It is important to speak to your dentist soon after tooth loss to help reduce the impact it has on your teeth and overall health. The earlier you speak to the dentist the sooner you can begin the process. First your dentist will drill a small hole into the bone socket of your missing tooth. A metal titanium screw will be placed into the bone socket which will cause a natural bodily reaction known as osseointegration, which will initiate osteoblasts to form around the implant and securely embed it into place. This takes a few months to be completed and then the abutment and crown will be securely fixed to the implant for a permanent, reliable and comfortable form of tooth replacement therapy. Speak to us at our practice to find out more about dental implants today.