Dental hygiene and routine oral health consultations are important. A wise woman (me) once wrote “if cleanliness is next to Godliness, then dentists are the Messiahs of the 21st Century”. This line in my Personal Statement secured me offers at all 4 universities I applied to study Dentistry at many, many years ago, but I still believe it just as much today as I did then (well, a less dramatic version).

Dental Check-ups, Routine Examinations, Oral Health Consultations (whatever PC term it masquerades as in 2019) with a dentist is almost more important now than it ever has been with the general increase in dietary sugars and oral manifestations of our modern, stressful lifestyles. The same can be said for getting our teeth cleaned, scaled, polished (insert chosen term) with the Hygienist.

We don’t just advise you to come regularly to our cosy dental clinic in Parsons Green because dentists are generally lonely and isolated. We advise it because studies and experience show us time and time again that regularly maintained mouths are healthier than their neglected counterparts.

We appreciate that finding a dentist and hygienist you trust can be a challenge, especially with the wide range of choice for dental practices in the South West London area, whether that be a dental clinic in Fulham, Parsons Green, Chelsea, Putney or Wandsworth!

Obviously, it’s always nice when someone personally recommends a dentist and/or hygienist. If you are finding it difficult to find a personal recommendation from a friend or family, the next best thing is to look at Google reviews and recommendations. We currently stand at 168 positive reviews at last count!

We are proud of how highly recommended we come, and it all comes down to passionate clinicians and support staff. We all simply believe that our patients deserve the best possible dental care we can provide.

When my husband and I founded Chelsea and Fulham Dentist (in Parsons Green!) we truly wanted to serve the people who sought us, and many years on, we still believe in the importance of regular, good, dental care. I’m not sure “Messiah” is quite the word I would go for…but the arrogance of youth is poetic!

If you are looking to book a dentist appointment or a session with our hygienists, please call us on 02030801000, email us DM us on Facebook and Instagram, or book online here. We would love to help.