We are currently working on our signage at the practice. In a bid to be stylish, we went a little too discrete. Thank goodness for Google Maps, highlighting through its clever satellites where the best cosmetic dentist in Chelsea and Fulham resides – that’s us by the way at 841A Fulham Road!

Sometimes, it’s hard to see the bigger picture. We certainly can be accused of that when it comes to informing our patients exactly what we do. Many of our new (and a small number of our existing) clients tend to presume that we are exclusively a cosmetic dental practice.

Though we do A LOT of cosmetic treatment like Invisalign at Chelsea and Fulham Dentist, at our core, we still love and need the basics. Dental fillings, dental hygiene appointments and general restorative procedures such as crowns and bridges are an essential part of treating and maintaining good oral health. Without good oral health, you often cannot start the cosmetic procedures.

So, if you are looking at our website, and it is still unclear exactly what we do, please let me assure you, that when it comes to dentistry, we basically do it all. We try and make sure that fillings, periodontal treatment, crowns, bridges and dental implants can all be done under one roof – our roof at Chelsea and Fulham Dentist!

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In a bid to see the bigger picture and ensure that our patients have all the information at their fingertips and eyelids, we are currently working on some exciting updates to both the website and in the clinic.

One of the changes that I feel the patients will benefit most from is the new TV that we are installing in the reception area. We are hoping to provide more patient information on what we do and how we do it. We will be playing videos and displaying literature on all our treatments; including dental hygiene recommendations, the procedures involved in a filling, root canals, crowns, dental implants and bridges.

Obviously, we hope that Chelsea and Fulham Dentist will remain your first port of call when it comes to cosmetic dental procedures such as Invisalign, or for facial aesthetic Botox and filler treatments. However, we equally hope that you will find us for your dental fillings and routine hygiene and maintenance appointments.

So, do not be alarmed when you see our revised signage. We are planning a big simple “DENTIST” sign pointing directly to our door. Sometimes in life, you really do have to be that obvious to get your message across.

If you are looking for a dentist or a dental hygienist, or if you are a current patient that simply wants to know more, please call our reception team on 02030801000, email us mail@cfdentist.co.uk or DM us on Facebook and Instagram. You can also book directly online here. We can’t wait to show you everything we can do!