I’ve always been a fan of Davina McCall. Her days of Streetmate made my youth. Now that she’s openly wearing Invisalign braces to straighten and whiten her already beautiful smile, I can’t help but love her more!

Only last week she was live on TV with Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford at This Morning, speaking to a caller about how straighter teeth can help improve your confidence and how she has found treatment with Invisalign amazingly simple and effective. YES DAVINA. YES.

Davina, to me, represents every type of woman I want to be. She’s like one of those inflatable tube men. Just when it seems she’s had the wind knocked out of her, up she inflates again, and gets funnier and more fantastic each time!

At the tender age of 50 something, she’s never looked so healthy and motivated. And now she’s only gone and got herself some Invisalign braces. She’s the first to point her braces out – even when others haven’t noticed the discrete appliances – and will Tweet, Instagram and Facebook the hell out of her progress. The woman is a legend in my eyes.

Obviously, Davina has always had an infectious personality. It would be ridiculous to think that the dental treatment is solely responsible for her immense greatness. However, I’m sure she would agree that her straighter smile is like the organic cherry on her zero-refined sugar cake and an integral piece of her healthier, more confident lifestyle.

What I love most about the Davina Invisalign movement (which her treatment shall henceforth be named) is that I see a lot of younger people on social media, looking like they would qualify as perfect contestants for Love Island, showing off their treatment. What I want to see more of are other types of patients, like Davina.

People undergoing treatment when they thought they were ‘too mature’ or not the right type! Someone who has worked tirelessly raising children or reaching retirement, for whom straighter treatment has only just become an option.

The moral of this blog; you can get a straighter, whiter, more youthful looking smile no matter who you are or how you live…. And obviously that you should come and visit us for a complimentary teeth straightening consultation to start!

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