When you lose a tooth or teeth, it doesn’t matter if you are 18 or 80, it is likely to impact on your confidence.

In years gone by, younger people were put off by the options that were available for restoring lost teeth. Many felt that having either a partial denture or a fitted bridge would appear too obvious visually and so they would often choose to have a gap in their smiles. But this was far from discreet in comparison!

These days, many patients are turning to a more permanent and customised alternative which many dental surgeries can offer; oral implants. Affixed to the jaw, implants look, act and feel like real teeth, allowing you to eat all the foods you want to, with no worries about movement or friction sores.

At Chelsea and Fulham, we are proud to be able to offer dental implants in Chelsea to all of our suitable patients, helping them regain their confidence and the functionality of their mouths. Our team will ensure that each implant matches any surrounding natural teeth that you have in colour, transparency and size, so no-one will know you have had them fitted.

But what are some of the other health advantages of having dental implants in Chelsea?

Improved oral health

A missing tooth or teeth is more than a slight inconvenience and aesthetic problem.

As there is now an area which is less likely to be brushed and cleaned regularly, it is likely to accumulate plaque and this can lead to decay forming on surrounding teeth. Unremoved plaque can cause issues with gum disease too, so having dental implants in Chelsea will prevent plaque from going undetected.

Improved digestion

Our teeth are designed to bite into and chew on food; similar to a machine missing a cog, if you are missing one of several teeth, it is unlikely that you will be able to bite and grind food correctly.

This will lead to larger chunks reaching the stomach and secondary issues like acid reflux. As implants allow you to chew correctly, any digestive issues you have been experiencing should subside.

Improved general health

And of course, less plaque in your mouth equates to less plaque in your body!

Studies have found a link between dental plaque and heart disease, diabetes and cancer, so having implants fitted will reduce plaque accumulation and reduce the likelihood of you succumbing to these problems.

Improved nutrition

If you are missing a tooth at the front of your mouth, this is likely going to have an impact on your ability to bite into harder foods like apples and carrots.

With implants, the strength of your bite is restored and you can bite into and chew more nutritious foods, equating to a more balanced diet.

Improved wellbeing

A visually improved smile mixed with vegetables and a lack of acid reflux will inevitably lead to you smiling more and feeling better about yourself. And a boost to wellbeing is something that everyone deserves and needs!