Chelsea and Fulham Dentist is a husband and wife owned dental practice. We are often asked how we work together. I (wife) am still shocked that we can!

Though, in my opinion, we have grown to be one of the best dental practices in south west London, we never would have been able to guess that when we first opened our doors.

We initially thought, as a husband and wife team, we would surely attract families to the clinic. We can now confidently say that over half the work we do at the clinic is cosmetic treatment.

We treat so many Invisalign patients, have award winning members of the team that are incredibly talented at cosmetic bonding procedures and we complete many veneer and cosmetic makeover cases each year. Our wonderful Dr Alexandra has helped grow our client base for facial rejuvenation procedures. It’s all taken a massive team effort and time to reach this established position.

However, one constant that has remained throughout the years has been (thankfully) our marriage! It is hard at times to ensure we have a healthy work life balance and we have learnt that we have completely different personalities and approaches (again, thankfully)!

If I were asked what my “top tips’ are for working with your partner, I would probably say:


  • Separate Rooms at work are a must! It’s the only way we can still tolerate each other!
  • Respect and embrace your differences – this is a skill that needs time to perfect. I have learnt we definitely balance each other out and a difference in approach can be enlightening.
  • It soon becomes clear if it’s working at work – if it isn’t, don’t be ashamed to admit it. We are very open and honest about this, and I would have no issues walking away from the business aspect if it negatively affected our personal lives.
  • Prioritise your time – there is a time for work and a time for family and play. Do not confuse the 2, they are very, very different.

I’m sure I could write a thesis on this, but will spare you the goory details!

If you would like to see this team in action, please do call us on 02030801000, email or book online here. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.